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I've recently launched a time management coaching business, Go Do. I help busy, overwhelmed people get more done. I'm a time management coach and I help people to get back in control of their time and achieve more. I also offer life and business organising services (organising your inbox / workspace / projects). If you've got too much on your plate and you don't know how to handle it all, I can help.

I'm offering a free coaching taster session to anyone who contacts me from East Dulwich Forum.

You can find out more about all my services here: www.godoproductivity.co.uk and I'm at [email protected] if you'd like to get in touch. I'm interested in collaborations and joint projects with other people/businesses as well, so do get in touch if you have an idea about how we can work together.

Best wishes,

Karen Eyre-White

Go Do

Business address: 121 Choumert Road, London, SE15 4AP

More about me:

I?m Karen Eyre-White, former-Chief-Exec-turned-small-business-owner with plenty of first-hand experience having a lot on my plate. After the birth of my daughter I wanted a different balance in my life. While on maternity leave I found myself trying to turn playtime into a project and I decided it was time to follow my love for all things projects, productivity and getting things done. I set up Go Do to help busy, overwhelmed people feel less stressed and get more done (and to save my daughter from being project-managed).


?For years I?ve been trying to get myself organised and I had never been able to quite get over the line and the piles of paperwork and tasks kept growing. Karen gave me a light bulb moment and unlocked my inner organised self. She gave me simple techniques, calm support and encouragement, and reward for achieving success step by step. I wish I had met Karen years ago. She?s a genius.?

? Ian W

?As someone who was rather embarrassed by the amount of seemingly simple bits of life organisation I'd been putting off for years, Karen's services were invaluable. When all my niggling tasks (and worse) were distilled into black and white, with simple suggestions and information, it all felt immediately manageable. I felt no pressure to suddenly achieve perfection, but realised how easy practical steps could move me in the right direction, and with that came more motivation than I'd felt in years! I now have functioning savings, task lists and much more - and frankly, a weight off my mind. I would recommend this service unreservedly to anyone who needs a nudge, or a bigger heave, into better organisation. Thank you Karen!?

? Kathy C

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