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Babble Talks @ East Dulwich Picture House-26th Feb- How tech reveals our ancient past & future.

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Expert speakers give TED-style talks that take you beyond the baby chat.

Scientists now understand more about our world than ever before. The shadows of buried archaeology are visible from space, we can track miniscule movements of gigantic ice sheets and observe the migration patterns of animals in real time, using methods like multi-spectral analysis, photogrammetry and satellite imaging. But what are these remote sensing techniques and how do they affect our understanding of the world around us? Michael Tomiak explores how this technology works, what it's already being used for and how it will impact on the decisions we make as a species in the future.

Michael Tomiak is a cultural heritage consultant specialising in remote sensing techniques. His work focuses in harnessing all the benefits and efficiencies remote sensing brings to the field of heritage and archaeology. Applying what is still a fairly new technique large swathes of land can be assessed quickly, and ever more accurately with increasing satellite imagery capabilities, helping us to build a better picture of an area's past landscape. Michael has degrees from the University of Nottingham (UK) and the University of Minnesota (USA) and now works as a Heritage & GIS consultant in London.

You can purchase tickets from babbletalks.com or HOOP https://hoop.co.uk/babble-talks/

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