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Declutter your home/office space


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Ready to transform your home and mind for the New Year?!

When your home is messy and cluttered this heavily has an impact on your mind and how you?re feeling - which in turn effects the relationships you have in your life and your productivity day to day.

I get great fulfilment in helping individuals clear their minds by assisting with organising their home/office spaces. Having helped a few close friends I found I have a passion in this area and so would like to help others on a wider scale.

You may have a messy wardrobe, pantry, spare room you?d like to clear or maybe you?re moving...I?m here to help YOU!

Initially we would start off with a consultation - which is ?20 and deducted from your service if you do go ahead and book with me.

I will go over a detailed profile with you to determine your goals, and what you would like to achieve by the end.This can be done in person or via video call, so that you can see my face and get a feel of me as a person.

As a team we will discuss the best way to work, whether that would be together or me on my own and I will work with you in transforming your space. I will then send you a plan of action, with a quote and a date that we can get started!

Disclaimer: I am not a cleaner

Please contact me on EDF or 07894 225358

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