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Van broken into and tools stolen on Underhill Road


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Some horrible b****** has broken into my builder's locked and secured van today in broad daylight and stolen an expensive load of tools. Heartbreaking. If anyone saw anything please message me. It's Underhill Road near to junction with Melford Road.

I don't know what the solution is for builders because they cannot empty the whole van of stuff every day for every job and this is a major problem at the moment.

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Same thing happened to our electrician, and his van was old and inconspicuous looking, so they'd clearly been watching him beforehand. Took the whole van and abandoned it after removing the contents... They then sold the lot at a car boot sale, and some of his more expensive equipment ended up on ebay, hence how he was able to track it down and find out how they got rid of his stuff. His kids' stuff like wellies were in there, and they stole and sold them too! Scumbags :(
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