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Looking for some help to produce a CV


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Your work experience/qualifications may not be directly comparable to the templates you?ve seen but you can adapt as required. I would suggest a format similar to this example, i.e. start with a brief personal statement of your background and objectives, followed by your work history (most recent first) then academic/qualifications. Another tip - no longer than two sides of A4, preferably one.

If you?ve been out of the workplace for a number of years, the personal statement would be a good place to give your reasons and to demonstrate you?re ready for a new challenge.


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I agree with Ruffler and JohnL: you don't need to be overly detailed or fussily chronological whereby every month/year is accounted for as long as you give reasons for 'hollow years'. Depending on the job, work out what qualities and skills you want to stand out. One A4 page or page and a half is seriously advisable. Speaking from lots of experience going through hundreds of CV's and helping others to write theirs.

I'd be happy to help. Suggested services are helpful.


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