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Tyers slashed twice on College Road seperate incident in past few months.


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I parked in College Road on two separate occasions recently. (Not a frequent visitor).

Escher at the gallery and then volunteering last week.

Post Escher I found a deflated tire with a screw in the wall passenger side. Duly changed. New tire.

Second occasion (last week)a proper slash on the wall drivers side. Again changed. New tire needed.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's personal.

Feel violated.

Anyone else experienced this?

My car is a little beaten up Ka so not worth anything.

Can't think why this might have happened twice!


PS For residents only.

Trolls - back off!

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Are there any building works going on around there ?

About three years ago I suffered 4 punchers in about 6 months all from my road where careless builders had swept screws and nails into the road !

I really sympathize as it?s really expensive 😩

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That would be a bit odd.

My little car is a bit of an eyesore that I do admit too. It came cheap to me as it has a few dents on it but it has an exceptionally low mileage and is pristine under the bonnet (practically brand new tires)so not guilty of polluting either.


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