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Yoga and Movement Therapy For Women - Menstrual Health


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Yoga and Movement Therapy For Women - Menstrual Health

This four week course is open to all Women and will share simple embodied, empowering and feel good yoga and movement practices to bring you home to yourself, your body and your inner Cyclical rhythms, to feel an sense of inner 'wholeness'.

Are you a woman who is experiencing an unsettled and imbalanced, irregular, painful Menstrual cycle and / or experiencing symptoms of cyclical health conditions / dis-ease such a PCOS, endometriosis or fybroids?

Are you feeling there maybe more to harnessing the energy of your Menstrual cycle than you've been aware of?

Are you seeking a nurturing and accessible yoga practice that honours and meets the ever changing energy and needs of your body/cycle to bring you a more balanced vitality and inner harmony?

Are you moving through a natural life-cycle change that is becoming challenging, or that you maybe resisting/fearful of?

We will journey the 4 stages of a woman's cycle, sharing practices to (re)connect to, support the needs, and harness the energy of, each stage.

This week is week 3:

Week 3 - Ovulation

Understanding and feeling the power of your creative life force

Introducing movement and breathing practices to cultivate and harness your energy to its most vibrant and healing potential

The art of giving

Breathing practices to heal and

Releasing self limiting beliefs through healing breathing practices and movement, releasing limiting beliefs and embracing your inner fire, cultivating inner confidence and empowerment in all the ways you can serve in your world

For each 2 hour session, you can pay:

?12.00 or

?15.00 or


Or you can join the 4 week course for ?48.00.

Young teens can join at a concession rate of ?8.00 per session or ?30.00 for 4 week course.

Venue: 'The Green' Community Centre, Nunhead, SE15

Dates / Time:

~ 18.30-20.30 ~

Tues 18th February

Tues 25th February

Contact [email protected] to book a space

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