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The freeholder has erected scaffolding in my garden without notification. They climbed over the wall to do so as my side gate is locked.

There are no signs up to say who the company is and one of the vertical poles is not secured and doesn't reach the ground. Rather worrying.

I've not been told how long they will be, even though I've asked.

Does someone know the basic rules please? They have also moved my garden storage metal box and thrown it down the garden, so it's completely damaged and the contents have been thrown over the garden too.

Totally Peed Off. Need guidance on what to do/ who to report it to.

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Many scaffold firms have their poles/connectors marked with a tag which is specific to their firm, ie. a purple-painted end or fluorescent yellow initials.

If there?s marks consistent across the erected pieces, perhaps any scaffold firm you call could help with identification as they may be aware through experience of other firms? tags ?

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