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Easter boosters for SATS and 11+ preparation


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Invaluable 4 day courses led by teachers with 15 + years teaching experience, including extensive experience in preparing children for national tests, entrance exams for Grammar schools and the 11+ exams.

These booster classes are perfect for year 5 and 6 children who are preparing for the 11+, or their SATS this year. The group size is 8 children to ensure high quality learning and feedback opportunities.

Children will complete a brief assessment, and based on the results they will be grouped so they receive the correct teaching for their level.

Maths topics taught:

Group 1- ratio, percentages, algebra and BODMAS. The children will be taught to understand these concepts and apply them in context.

Group 2-times tables, links between x and division/ fractions, place value, multiplying/dividing by 10 and 100, the 4 formal operations and an introduction to fractions and decimals.

English topics taught:

Group 1-a range of figurative language and authorial techniques, to help with composition and reading comprehension skills.

Group 2-grammar/ punctuation and exam technique for reading comprehension papers.

There are places for 16 children per week- (8 per class)

Course 1: 6-9th April @ 9:15-12:15

Course 2: 14th-17th April @ 9:15-12:15

Please contact me for more details.

Betsy Rowlands- 07738545030

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