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Nature's Embrace, Luxury Handmade Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers, Let's talk Mental Health

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Hi everyone,

I'm an East Dulwich resident (20 East Dulwich Road) and I just started my very own small business!

I'd really appreciate if you check out my new website: www.naturesembracestore.co.uk. Instagram: naturesembracestore

Use the code EDFORUM10 for 10% off your first order! The code can also be used to discount private workshops (perfect for hen parties, birthdays or corporate events) - check it out on my website!

We will also be at the North Cross Market on 14th March so please come say Hi!

10% of all profits are donated annually back into the local community with a particular focus on mental health issues through donations to Mind, so you can feel good while shopping to support small business and mental health causes!


Who are we

Nature's Embrace is a luxury handmade home and bath small business based in East Dulwich, London that aims to bring awareness to mental health issues, mindfulness and aromatherapy through beautifully scented products and candle making workshops.

Our founder, Reece, went through a period of difficult depression in 2019. Finding relief in creative forms of therapy, he discovered a love for scented products and aromatherapy. We now make gorgeous handmade candles, reed diffusers and deliver candle making workshops for both private events and public masterclasses.

The name of our business comes from the fact that making these products provided a therapeutic process for our founder and felt like an embrace and a reintroduction to the natural world through aromatherapy. We hope our products allow you to re-tune yourself in to the natural world around you, and most importantly, your own emotional well-being. We really encourage you to take a mindful moment with our products to slow down, focus on the aroma and check in on yourself.

Furthermore, perhaps you can do your bit to share the word. If you mention your new candle to your friend, why not also mention our mission and take the moment to ask if they're doing ok? By talking more about mental health we can reduce the stigma and get people the help they need and deserve!

The products

We use a predominantly luxury fragrance oils for our candles and reed diffusers which allow us to create gorgeous candles with strong scent throw that is complex and alluring. All of our fragrance oils are of the highest quality and are non-toxic. For our private events or public masterclasses, we use high quality pure essential oils only. This is because they're great for beginners when first learning about aromatherapy and are a great medium for creating your own scent easily.

We've perfected our manufacturing process for all of our products with lots of testing of everything from wick size, container size, wax temperature, wax density, fragrance percentage and more. We've developed the exact science behind the art of candle making so that you can enjoy a special moment at home with our products. Each item is handmade with love and we hope it brings you the joy we feel making them.

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