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Tai chi for mental wellbeing - 4 week course - Wed 11th March

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* * Tai chi for mental wellbeing - Making Connections * * (4 week course - ?30 - starts Wed 11th March 12-1pm - at Christ Church, 263 Barry Rd, East Dulwich, London SE22 0JT)

Learning to connect physical exercises and movements with unhelpful patterns or situations that you would like to change empowers you to make improvements that will transform your life into the one you want to live.

In this 4 week course, we will look at how to assert yourself when faced with the ?immovable force?, how to protect your own space, how to break patterns or stuck behaviours, and how to stay calm when things get chaotic.

You will be invited to make the connections yourself, and this is important. For example, it could be struggles with someone in your life, a job that you dislike, an addiction/ill-health, or maybe your habitual anger or lack of confidence that you want to address. Connecting your ?thing? with a physical exercise allows you to work on it indirectly.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this non-judgemental course where you can bring an openness to learn more about yourself and others in different life scenarios, and take away tools to practise and kick-start your life.

To book your place, email [email protected].

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