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Working from home/cafe due to Coronavirus

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Hi there,

So I've been told to work from home for the foreseeable due to this corona thing. I'm quite pleased with this as I can sleep more and get away with doing less work, but need some tips on places in the area to work from when I get cabin fever. Ideally looking for somewhere that:

Does not have groups of middle aged 'ladies wot lunch', whiling away their lunchtimes spending their wealthy banker husbands money, discussing their next imminent fancy holiday.

Does not have lots of toddlers, prams or buggies clogging up the whole place. Ditto children making noise.

Has cheap yet fairly decent coffee. Bottomless top ups a bonus.

Friendly staff I can chat to that are easy on the eye and can hold a conversation, for when I get bored of my work

Can offer booze as well, for a mid afternoon tipple.

Any tips much appreciated.

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I am assuming you are working from home because everyone at your work is, not because you have any symptoms or have recently returned from a high incident area? Do remember you are taking up space which does need to be paid for, especially if you are using WiFi or charging your phone or laptop - 'bottomless cups of coffee' may be exploiting your host.
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Well don?t you sound like an absolute treasure.

What an asset to the local daytime community.

Working from your own home sounds like the best way forward for you and, indeed, for everyone else, especially cafe staff who don?t fancy being leered at and having to entertain your drivel when you get bored of table blocking.

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