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Pet sitting and paperrounds


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I'm keeping an eye on an old boy round the corner and dropping some food off for him . I offered this morning to leave my dog with him for the afternoon. He looked so excited. Just a thought that pets could help with isolation with any old person you know (who obviously likes friendly dogs .

Could also be the opportunity for the return of the paper round. Corner shops are the perfect place to capture contact details of older residents who regularly pop in for their morning paper and pint of milk . I delivered my neighbour a copy of his daily mail this morning (albeit through gritted teeth !) Reading that rag isnt going to cheer him up !

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We've been thinking of doing same with our dog.

Thing is, dogs get stroked, are warm, and will harbour the virus on the surface just like a worktop or door handle.

So we figured it's actually a risk either way - from dog owner to pensioner, or vice versa.

Hence we're not doing it.

I hope I'm mistaken.

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I know. It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear/read & immediately scroll from seeing the images of pets laying in the streets of China after being thrown from balconies & windows in fear that pets were contributing to the spread.

Everyone in the pet care industry has been debunking myths & we're keeping our clients updated.

So long as you're keeping your hands clean before & after you'll be fine.


Heather {The Wingless Bird}

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