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Comparison of number of days self isolation between Uk and abroad after having had COVID-19?


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Does anyone know what the quarantine periods in other countries are for someone who has just had COVID-19?

My friend's Uncle in Herne Hill is in his 60s and has had COVID-19> He was extremely unwell with it, and was still coughing a lot 3 days ago but apparently he has been out to the shops a couple of times today as he says it's a seven day isolation period after getting ill (not 7 days after the final symptoms go)in the UK - is this correct?

My friend wants to discourage him from spreading it and she has already been doing all his shopping + dog walking for him so he has absolutely no need to go out.

In Italy quarantine is at least 14 days after the symptoms have passed as they have been told you can still be contagious but it would be useful to know what the period is in countries with a better grip on it eg Singapore and South Korea as well as other European countries so we can all bear that in mind rather than stick blindly to our oown governments guidelines which seem to be changing by the day.

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