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University and lost time

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My son is in his second year, and due to lecturer strikes, followed by the lockdown, has hardly had any tutoring or lectures this year. The online offerings promised have been underwhelming. The upshot (downshot) of this has been that he has lost his mojo, and from getting firsts in his coursework is now talking about dropping out. He had been loving it.

Are any of your kids suffering anything similar, and if so, any ideas? I'd imaging there is the same at secondary level too, but the distance makes it harder.

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I sympathise, a big part of going to university was mixing with others away from home.It was exciting meeting all those people and challenging the ideas you had been brought up with. It is not the same on line. Are they offering a year out? can he suspend for a year? I would be tempted to go and get a job in new zealand for a year- but maybe 100,000's of others think the same,
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