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Hi all,

I just wanted to highly recommend Siobhan McCarthy for anyone who may be struggling with their mental health.

After a horrible time suffering with post natal depression, not getting very far with NHS help and medication by itself not being that helpful, I eventually looked for help/support elsewhere. It was a recommendation I found in this forum and it saved my life.

To anyone who has postnatal depression, please seek help, you will get better even if you may not believe it. Many times I thought I was broken forever, but after a combination of medication alongside 5-6 months of sessions (if you're unwell this sounds like ages but it isn't and I already felt somewhat better after a couple of sessions) with Siobhan I'm a better version of myself compared to even before I had a baby. She's given me the tools to cope beyond just recovery so that I can survive (and thrive!) now without needing to see her anymore.

If you think you may have PND please please call Siobhan. Don't wait months and moths suffering in silence like it did. You will get better!

Her details:

Siobhan - 07796 530406 or email [email protected] [psychologistdulwich.co.uk]

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What a wonderful recommendation for Siobhan. She will be delighted to hear how much of an impact her help made. I know Siobhan from previous psychology network meetings and she is a wonderful psychologist.

At Circle Psychology Partners we are also currently offering a free new mums' group which is running online on Wednesdays in collaboration with Bell House https://www.bellhouse.co.uk/events/2020/2/24/new-mums-group-gbrk7

We also have four specialist perinatal psychologists in our team: myself (Dr Christine Langhoff), Dr Robin Schacht, Dr Charlotte Cousins and Sara Roberts. We have therapy rooms in Dulwich Village and East Dulwich and also provide support online. www.circlepsychologypartners.co.uk

In addition, Dr Helena Belgrave is a specialist perinatal psychologist who works with Parenthood in Mind. She runs a clinic at Dulwich Therapy Rooms

There are also a number of charities providing support for perinatal difficulties




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I'd also like to offer a recommendation for Siobhan, who I similarly found through this forum after a waiting a number of months to be processed through both NHS and insurance channels. Within a week of contacting Siobhan, we were in our first session and the process towards feeling better was underway. Siobhan is registered with a number of insurers so I was able to agree the course of therapy with my insurer directly (rather than wait to be assigned a therapist through them which can take some time).

Over the course of half a year, Siobhan helped me with depression and anxiety issues and was fundamental in helping me achieve a sense of mental clarity and, importantly, finding a way to maintain it. Taking the leap and getting in touch with Siobhan was my best decision of 2021.

Contact details as above, plus Siobhan's website is https://ukpsychologists.uk

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