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Postcards of Kindness campaign


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Amnesty International has joined the Postcards of KIndness campaign for Christmas.

Please see attached scan of the Amnesty magazine or have a look at the Postcards of Kindness facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/PostcardsOfKindness/

This is a short description of the campaign from the Facebook page:

'Writing postcards, connecting lives...

Last year Your Health Limited launched a campaign asking people to send our residents postcards. We're taking our Postcards of Kindness Appeal one step further this year, and would like to encourage more care homes and care settings to get involved. We want to combat loneliness and isolation across the country, and remind our residents that there's always somebody thinking of them - regardless of where in the world the postcards have come from. Imagine being able to travel the world alongside card writers while sharing their holiday adventures; residents' memories are stirred and imaginations piqued!

Getting involved is so simple, and we welcome contributions from care homes, hospices, hospitals and other care settings, as well as posts and messages from those who would like to send a card to one or more addresses.'

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