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Which charities/organisations are collecting furniture?


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The charity I am trustee of is going through voluntary insolvency as due to Covid, all our income has dried up and we are unable to make our premises Covid Safe.

We are in a large house, based over 3 floors (Ground, 1st and 2nd) The Insolvency solicitor is doing all the paperwork and our landlord, having given us several months rent free, would like us to vacate the premises by 16th December.

Our problem is that we need to dispose of all the furniture. We have around 15 armchairs, several coffee tables, lamps,

pictures, bookcases and other small items. In addition we have the usual office equipment mainly filing cabinets, and chairs (not all in good condition).

In addition, the organisation used to run children's activities and have lots of toys etc. Including a couple of bulky items.

With the charity shops closed, it is difficult to find someone to collect these items. The non office furniture is spread over the 3 floors (no lift) and would require 2 people to lift and move down stairs.

We are not in the position to pay for removals as our remaining money has to be spent on bills and redundancy payments. We have parking space for 5/6 cars so a van can be accommodated. The non office furniture and toys will needed to be taken away the same day.

Chairs which are mixture of IKEA and other makes are ideal for those who wish to renovate/up cycle.etc.

Please contact me by PM if you are an organisations.company that can collect these items for free.


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Yes good point regarding fire safety labels, British Heart Foundation require them.

seenbeen Wrote:


> A word of advice. Many charities will not take

> furniture that has no fire safety labels attached

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We have had a number of enquirers, the chairs are in accordance to fire safety regulations. The toys, some up lighters have gone to a women's refuge.We have a school possibly interested in chairs for staff room. Some folders and transparencies have gone, but we are still wading through the filing cabinets. Had a PM from a homeless/housing organisation but they failed to reply to my posts .
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