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Disruptive building work during the pandemic


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Hey, I was wondering if I could get some advice regarding neighbours' beside me who are planning to start an extension in February 2021. I was advised about the work a few weeks ago but they submitted a planning application in May 2020 but didnt discuss with me or give me advance warning. Although I would like to be supportive, I will be working from home due to the pandemic until end of Summer 2021 and the extension will be really disruptive for the 3-4 months when it is happening? I spoke to the Council and they said they assumed my neighbour would have discussed with me but I thought the Council had to give adequate notice to the people next door to the building work. Also, how can this type of work be allowed to happen when so many residents are still working from home? Vaccines will be rolled out soon but scientists indicate that life probably wont return to normal until April-June 2021, so surely residential building work should be paused until people can return to the office. Any advice welcome as I am worried that I am not going to be able to deliver in my job when this disruptive work is happening.
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It's unfortunate but that's just life in a city and living in close proximity to neighbours. People have always worked from home (we certainly were when our attached neighbours did 6 months of extensive building works) it's not a new thing with the pandemic. What about retired people or parents staying at home on maternity leave or looking after young children? What about shift workers? If you haven't read about them successfully challenging neighbours building plans in the last 10 years or so, I doubt there's any reason for thinking you could do the same just now.
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