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Join me on a Magical Journey for Charity on the 4th December at 6pm

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Please join me on a Magical Journey with an Online Family Magic Show for Charity ? December 4th 6pm

For a quick taster please watch the video

Amigo?s Magic is putting on a Magic Show to help those in need at the Albrighton Centre Fridge.

Get your sparkle and spells ready to have some pre Xmas Fun whilst helping a good cause.

Live from Hogwarts castle ?AMIGO? will be showing you the ?Invisibility Cloak? making sweets out of smelly socks, ear wax and other weird stuff as well as showing you a range of other magical things. Get your magic wands and party outfits out for the ultimate magic show of 2020.

Please arrive at Hogwarts (via the zoom link) 10 minutes early to be admitted to the Magic Waiting Room and the show will begin promptly at 6pm.

In this strange and difficult time, we live in, many things are different and the festive season is no exception but we will be sure to bring you some fantastic magical and fun entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together.

Tickets are ?5 per family Zoom link and can be purchased at the following place.


All profits will go to the Albrighton Community Centre Fridge, helping vulnerable families in need this autumn/winter.

During last week alone we provided food for 358 separate households - that's 1327 people (898 adults and 429 children). These are staggering figures! At present they are trying to raise 40k and have just gone past 30k.


Once you have purchased a ticket, you will receive a Zoom link via email (please check your spam folder if not received within 2 working days or email [email protected] and we will re-send the link).

For any questions please get in touch with us at Amigo?s Magic


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