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Children's Bike- 12" Red Bobbin Moonbug


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A barely used red children's bike. Perfect present for Christmas for your child! The basket and seat are new and never used. It is in fantastic shape as it was not used more than a couple of times before our son grew out of it. The bobbin children's bikes are beautiful and colorful. A lot of fun.

The Moonbug 12″ bike is a classic bike designed for children aged 2-4 years. It features a gloss paint finish, colour-matched stabilisers (training wheels), comfortable tyres, smart brown grips and embossed Bobbin sprung saddle.

All current models now come with cream tyres and stabiliser wheels, a very cool dark wicker basket and a ringer bell. Colour-matched mudguards and chainguard keep your mini Bobbin rider?s outfit neat and tidy. Perfect for the mini-me in your life!

For pick up at the top of Denmark Hill.

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