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I am not very IT literate but my last 2 attempts to join in a zoom meeting were a failure. I click onto the link set up by the host but I cannot see how I can put in my meeting ID and password (which have already been sent to me.

My name appears on t he screen and I can see the other participants but they cannot see or hear me. Today's screen asked me to check my microphone which I did, for it to automatically come on when the session began but no joy.

Help please in very easy terms I have tried to check out on google but they are talking about setting up a session not joining in one.

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Pugwash, this happened to me once and it turned out that the meeting had been set up so that only a certain number of designated people were visible.

It was the Ivy House shareholders' AGM and only the committee were visible. Everybody else could see and hear the committee, but couldn't be seen or heard themselves.

Would it be worth checking with the meeting host whether this is the case? I spent a very long time trying to work out what was wrong before I twigged. Or rather, somebody else did and told me!

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If you can see and hear the other participants then I think you have actually joined the zoom meeting.

When I first started using Zoom I had problems with not being able to communicate with the other participants, one of the reasons (I had a few teething problems) was that my audio was muted and my video/camera was muted.

The way to address that is in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, where I had to move the cursor down to that area and make the two icons visible for me to then click on and UNmute.

This seemed to fully enable me for the Zoom meetings.

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