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Pupil Interview Preparation

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I work with students across South London to prepare for a wide variety of school interviews. I focus on helping students to gain confidence and to discover their authentic voice.

Although interview preparation is best done in person, I can and do work remotely, via Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime and What?sApp. I will typically undertake two sessions with each pupil, providing verbal and written feedback after each one. I do not coach answers to specific questions, rather I help familiarise pupils with the types of questions they are likely to encounter and to increase their comfort level with being interviewed. I encourage active listening in students and am able to address physical manifestations of nervousness such as eye contact, mirroring, fidgeting, posture, and breathing.

A bit about me: I have Bachelor's and Master?s degrees in English and worked for years in Internal Communications. I have a PgD in Theatre and a Level Three Counselling qualification, and was a Classroom Leader for Talking Tots. I have an enhanced DBS check and Paediatric First Aid & Emergency certification. References available.

PM me for further information.


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