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free sociable cycle ride Sat December 12th starts 10am

Sally Eva

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Healthy Ride, Saturday 12th December ? Cutty Sark to the Thames Barrier

The ride starts at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich and goes to the Thames Barrier and back. Don't worry if you don't know how to get there. There's a feeder ride at 9.30am from Deal Porter Square opposite Canada Water station. And Canada Water station, which has a lift taking three bikes, is on a direct line to Peckham Rye.

This is a two hour ride starting at 10am from the Cutty Sark, next to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel SE10 9HT. Simon will be leading. It's an easy ride, almost entirely off road. Out and back by the same route. The probable route is at

NOTE ? You must book on Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cutty-sark-to-thames-barrier-southwark-cyclists-healthy-ride-tickets-131781236225so that we can limit numbers. If you cannot make it, please cancel so that someone else can take the place. Even at the last minute it is worth cancelling.

We will keep everyone as safe as possible by observing all the Covid Regulations. We need to split the ride into groups of 6. The groups should not mix during the event. Your "ticket" will indicate which group you are in. Please keep in these groups at the start and throughout the ride. Each group will have a Group Leader whose instructions you should obey.

It is important that we maintain a 2m social distance, never less than 1m. Particularly important to maintain social distancing from other users on shared paths, i.e. on most of this ride. Always give way to pedestrians and to other cyclists so all path users can maintain 1-2 m and feel safe. Riders are instructed to bring face masks in case there is an incident where wearing a mask would be appropriate.

Please do not turn up to this event if you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. The safety of our volunteers and participants is key to us.

We may contact you after the ride to ask you about your experiences and will let you know more ways to sign up to information from the London Cycling Campaign

These rides are organised by Southwark Cyclists, the borough branch of the London Cycling Campaign. More information at https://southwarkcyclists.org.uk/healthy-rides/

Riders from last week may like to browse photos from the Bishops Park ride on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/553896211918871/permalink/746097686032055/

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Everyone must be planning to go Christmas Shopping! We still have 3 places available on the Cutty Sark to the Barrier via Thames Path ride tomorrow, Saturday 12th, 10am (or 9.30 Canada Water).

Register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cutty-sark-to-thames-barrier-southwark-cyclists-healthy-ride-tickets-131781236225

The weather forecast isn't bad for December 8 degrees and a gentle breeze.

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