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TV table ?15


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    • Hi My son’s current football club has changed fixtures from Sunday to Saturday meaning he won’t be able to attend matches due to another Saturday commitment that cannot be changed. I contacted a club that was recommended that does weekday trainings and Sunday matches but they are full at the moment. If you have any other suggestions, I would be grateful as he loves football and being part of a team! Thanks!
    • Yes I was intrigued. Strange cannot  see any evidence of vandalism - the fenced off beds are still fenced off and everything looks normal. But then I’m no gardener. 
    • Dulwich Hill have now moved out of their premises in Gipsy Hill and are now placed in Peckham. This has meant many shift changes and difficulties in arranging a meeting date and time. also some change in personnel. The meeting will be held at Christ Church Barry Road on Friday 15th March at 17.00 hrs( 5pm)  
    • Does anyone have an Annie dress for a 7yo for sale? Or a red dress with a white collar? It's for world book day 
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