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Sharing just a sample of the lovely feedback our project The Aspinall Road Community Gardens


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Sharing just a sample of the lovely feedback our project The Aspinall Road Community Gardens London SE4 5SQ received in 2020, all is much appreciated.

Kim Short, ?I would just like to say a big THANKYOU to all the volunteers (and engineers) who have made the community gardens for us all to enjoy. I used to always avoid Aspinall Road and now I would go out of my way to pass it. It lifts my spirits every time, even on the greyest of days!?

Shelley James ?Walked past the big planters the other day and it put a big smile on my face, love what you have done!?

Jane Keane: 'Well done to you all - what a.great team effort!'

Natalie Wastnidge ?Just wanted to say I?m so happy to see the Rainbow Community Garden happening....We left Peckham last year after many many happy years in London but crossed that bridge many times so so beautiful to see this happening!! Great vision!! Congrats.?

The Hill Station Community Cafe 'Well done everyone really taking shape must visit ❤️👍'

Tamsin Louise ?That?s beautiful!! Love this so much xxx?

Stephen Carrick-Davies ?Wonderful to see such a transformation.?

Penny Dearman ?Brilliant, such joy to see a garden in that abandoned space and creative activity going on there. Love it.?

Michael Demetriou ?Brilliant.?

Jacqui Shimidzu: ?And Big Thanks To Micheal who has dedicated himself to this project.

What a lovely little stop to brighten peoples day and for people to have a chat?.

Asker Husain ?Saw the gentleman yesterday working very hard on pruning the tree next to the plant bases and also replanting new flowers after removing the dead old ones etc. Great job!?

David Holloway ?Wonderful people wonderful project wonderful for our community.?

Fran Goggins ?Brilliant. 👏👏👏👏?

Patricio Forrester ?Great work! What looked like a fly tipped wardrobe was actually carried into position to become the next planter so it goes

perfect that you read the situation exactly as we had intended. Also perfect that it was joyful!?

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