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500 Degrees is the best ED pizza joint!


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I don't know them, I'm not affiliated with them and I'm not getting paid by them, they're just the tastiest! Posting this was inspired by an inedible pair of pizzas from Franco Manca. We literally binned them, got a refund and ordered a replacement from 500 degrees. It's just arrived and it's delicious!
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I thought 500 Degrees had closed down and been replaced by Yard Sale Pizza?

Does it still have a branch in Lordship Lane?

We had a very delicious pizza from the newly opened Yard Sale recently. Very different dough from Franco Manca.

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KrackersMaracas Wrote:


> Hi Sue - it?s still there, right next door. Yard

> Sale is in the old chicken shop.

Oh OK, how weird. Maybe I'm confusing it with somewhere else.

Is 500 degrees the sit down Italian place? We went there once fairly soon after it opened, and the food was fine but the atmosphere was strange and the music was terrible.

Will try a delivery though if it's still there, in view of the rave reviews above!

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Franco Manca is now the usual private equity owned chain and I miss going to the original Brixton pizzeria - which was back in 2009. It has become unimaginative, variable and needs some fresh thinking. Their desserts are crap. Their Tiramisu an abomination. (Does anyone know a good Tiramisu delivered home - one of the brutal casualties of the lockdown for some of us)

My favourite pizzerias right now that deliver (not affiliated with any) in SE... ( I am in SE21)

Bravi Ragazza ( Streatham)

500 degress (Only tried the Herne Hill one)

Mama Dough (again, numerous branches)

BoNA sourdough in Forrest Hill

I personally prefer the sourdough, Neapolitan but ... have tried the two below ...

Voodoo Ray was not amazing pizza but had a good vibe, cocktails and you could do by slice etc. (I ony went to the one in Peckham)

Agile Rabbit - ditto as Voodoo Ray

Havent been out in a bit but Rocket in Dulwich village did a 5 pound pizza (or pasta) if you picked up.

And finally, I read that Pizza Express was on its knees so I have done a few charity acts. Will be a shame if it disappears...

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