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Wanted: Reliable and experienced cleaner


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I am looking for a meticulous, fastidious, organised and methodical cleaner, who takes pride in their work.

No agencies please, I have tried many of them but in the end it all comes down to the quality of the individual cleaner. I would like a regular weekly clean for our family home with two dogs. I am willing to pay a competitive rate for superior work. Please do get in touch if this sounds like the right job for you. Many thanks!

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Good afternoon HCHale,

The above describes my standard of cleaning work!

I am used to working around animals.

I charge from ?12 per hour if you provide the cleaning products.

Reliable, honest, trustworthy, personable, great references.

Own car, vacuum cleaner (Miele-cat & dog), mop & bucket, cloths.

Peckham Rye based.

Where abouts are you?

Please text/Whatsapp/call Sofia 07988 391288

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