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The Epoch Times - sizzling brand new newspaper


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This got delivered through my door ('truth and tradition'), with a sister paper the Vision Times and a leaflet on the Chinese Communist Party and petition to 'eliminate this' organisation

I first thought that this must be connected with the LTN, then perhaps something to do with the old Soviet Union.

The papers seem good quality and well written but only have the story line of atrocities in China, its involvement in geopolitics and eliminating the CCP.

I could look on Google what this is all about, but thought I'd check whether others had received this right riveting read. I can't recall subscribing to it. Although I look forward to the next editions which will be no doubt about the link between President Elect Biden, CCP and no dought QAnon will come into it somewhere.

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And according to Wiki the paper/cause are far right and Trump supporting. That's according to wiki not the CCP. Still wonder why it was delivered to people in our street (and elsewhere?). Useful hamster bedding - sadly we don't get the News Shopper and I only buy a Saturday paper so additional newsheet always useful
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I think it has a conservative take on things, yes, it did lend support to Trump and Pegida and LePen. Equally worrying is the fact that some investigations pointed out that staff members were not trained journos and would take things at face value without challenging anything. Some elements of HK and Taiwan politics are so anti-CCP that they adore Trump for his having stood up to China and this bleeds through, it seems, to this paper.
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