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Easter Holiday Clubs

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Recommending Nimble Arts - [www.nimblearts.co.uk] (age 4.5-11yrs old) My sons go here and love it!

and Sparks film making camps - link here: https://www.sparksarts.co.uk/

Sparks Easter filmmaking camp! 12-16th April

9am-3pm daily in Dulwich (and Balham, Highgate and Kensington)

(to run in person following the government lockdown roadmap)

The course will draw a focus on all aspects of film-making and children will have the opportunity to be on their own real life set!

​Three age groups:

Ages 5-7 yrs - Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Ages 7-11 yrs- Codename Confidential

Ages 11-14 yrs - Web of Lies

Ages 5-7 - Liar, Liar Pants on Fire - Take part this Easter holiday to make your very own movie full of fun and mischief!

Children taking part will explore the classic Pinocchio story and make their own creative adaptation. They?ll explore film-making techniques, as well as lots of multimedia activities including animation, prop making, costume making and set building. They?ll gain confidence performing and crewing in their own original production.

Ages 7-11 - Codename Confidential - Take part this Easter holiday to make your own unforgettable spy thriller!

They?ll explore plot twists galore, unmask undercover agents and expose double-crossing criminals, all with a sense of flair and fun.

They?ll step into the roles of director, camera crew, actors, production design, production crew and even more as they make their original and unique movie. They?ll explore plot twists galore, how to build suspense, how to craft sensational chase sequences and how to create charismatic characters we love to love and hate.

Ages 11-14 - Web of Lies - Take part this Easter holiday to make a dramatic thriller full of suspense.

In this fun half term movie making workshop, young filmmakers will explore techniques for building drama and learn how to put together their own film production. It?s an action-packed camp full of imagination and creativity. Filmmakers taking part will explore dramatic thriller techniques and Nordic Noir styling. They?ll craft their own storylines, exploring interweaving plots, cliffhangers and suspenseful storytelling. There will be plenty of drama to keep you gripped and on the edge of your seat.

At the end of each camp, the children will have a unique, compelling film production to proudly share with friends and family, as well as lots of new creative skills and some new friends too!

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