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Foie Gras:2021


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The government has confirmed its ?exploring further restrictions? around foie gras following reports that ministers were drafting legislation to ban imports.

But in all honesty, does anyone believe this government actually cares a fcuk about geese being fattened up for thier livers, or is this an (obvious) post Brexit attack on the French.

Nothing like getting the French farming industry riled up for good effect.

The UK imports around 200 tonnes a year currently.

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It's virtue signalling basically.

It should also prompt some creative thinking about other barriers that could be created to limit imports of items from the EU post Brexit.

Exports from the UK have been plagued with nit-picking (and penalties) by French/Dutch/Irish Customs officials since January. The latest, as mentioned by the BBC R4 today, is the case of second-hand clothes being exported by UK charities to Eastern Europe where they are recycled or sent to developing countries. Because some of the clothes came from say Bangladesh or China many years ago, they are still classed as non-UK and non-EU manufactured. So the containers have to be unstuffed, contents inspected and then import duty is imposed.

If these sort of spiteful and petty tactics persist then it becomes inevitable that the UK will retaliate. Then nobody wins.

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I like it very much and I like this way very much too


The rest is virtue signalling wrapped up in silly self built foot shooting Brexit culture war, invoked by a tedious populist wankfest of a government.

Getting on and sorting out the real problems of this Brexit farce would be more productive. But then again, that would involve some self reflection.

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