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Tots Tennis Club: Ages 2-4 - Classes restart April 19th

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Developing agility, balance and coordination at an early age is vital for your child?s physical development. At Tots Tennis Club, we play fun games using numbers, animals and colours to improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination - all while learning forehands, backhands, volleys and serves!

Book your place for the April term now at https://totstennis.club

Following both government and British Tennis guidelines, we have measures in place to run our classes in a safe and fun environment, including:

- Adapted sessions and games to keep both parents and children safe and socially distanced while enjoying our usual fun tennis activities.

- Cleaning and hand hygiene ? hand sanitiser will be available and must be used before and after classes. Equipment will be cleaned between classes.

- COVID-secure venues ? one-way entry/exit systems, buffer periods between classes and regular venue cleans

Monday mornings: Dulwich Village, St Barnabas Parish Hall https://totstennis.club/book

Tuesday mornings: Forest Hill, Holy Trinity Church https://totstennis.club/book

Thursday mornings: East Dulwich Community Centre https://totstennis.club/book

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