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Sunday Online Comedy (stand-up/science), April 11th, 8:30pm (about Cannabis)

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Comedy for the Curious is a South London, Online Comedy Night run by comics.

Each show consists of 3 comedians delivering 3 unique stand-up sets, all around the topic at hand. It then wraps up with a chat and our game "Versus the Audience", because who doesn't like a game?

The shows are EVERY SUNDAY at 8:30pm on ZOOM and YouTube. Tickets are ?1-5.


This Sunday, APRIL 11th is all about WEED featuring Robyn Perkins, Jacob Hawley & Erich McElroy

In addition to the many medical benefits, cannabis is also responsible for many hilarious stories. This week we discuss the hot topic of all things weed, from legalisation to cultivation to personal use. Join as 3 comics deliver 3 completely different stand-up sets about pot, from both a personal and scientific perspective.


April 18th: Imposter Syndrome with Michael Odewale (Mock the Week), Paul 'Silky' White & Host Robyn Perkins

We all feel it. Or at least I think we do? Please tell me its not just me. Come watch 3 comic takes on Imposter Syndrome (one with a scientific twist).

April 25th: Political Persuasion with Steve N Allen (Mash Report), Ria Lina (Mock the Week) & Host Robyn Perkins

Conservative, Liberal, Green, LibDem, Dictator...lets talk about politics. 3 comics guests, all with sets about politics. All the while host Robyn Perkins talks about the neuroscience behind it all.

May 2nd: Cats vs Dogs! with Lucy Porter (Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week), Ryan Mold & Host Robyn Perkins

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Prefer a Lizzard? Don't care? It's another intense debate, with 3 comics delivering sets on behalf of their pet of choice.

May 9th: The Origin of Evil with Toussaint Douglas (BAMEOUS, Stand Up for Live Comedy), Andrea Hubert & Host Robyn Perkins

We all hate something. Personally, its raisins. But why does hate exist? We know its a serious topic, but like always, we do it with a big dollop of humour.

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