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Loud music in early hours

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We have some really ?lovely? neighbours who seem to think that blasting out Bob Marley between 2-5 in the morning is acceptable.

This is not the first time they have done it either... though not always Bob Marley.

We sent an email to the building owners who have acknowledged they received it, not that I think they?ll do anything.

About an hour ago I contacted police on 101 then the Noise team.

They said I will get a call back during the day.

I appreciate that, but the people in question only seem to play their music in the early hours when most people are trying to sleep, me included

I?m not well with a bad sinus head cold and a horrid migraine, plus I had the work week from hell... clearly this is not their problem but wouldn?t most of us want to be decent neighbours and NOT keep the block of flats awake.

If it?s not upstairs with their washing machine spinning madly it?s downstairs with their music.

What did we do to land such neighbours who seem to have no respect for anyone else?

It seems like ?oh I?m happy, I?ll do what I want and to hell with everyone else.?

Apart from emailing the owners, contacting 101 and the noise team, is there anything else we can do, apart from speaking to them... that just will not work... in fact, it will egg them on more


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Keep on with the Noise Team and keep a noise incident diary - date, time starts & ends, duration, source (i.e. address of neighbour), nature of noise, room/s affected, how it affects you, reference number from Noise Team (should be given to you when you first call to report each incident). When NT call back pick their brains about what they can do at the moment (limited service during lockdown, but I was told recently that they could come out to see if they could hear noise outside property.

Are you and neighbour leaseholders/tenants? If leaseholders you can get advice from the Leaseholders Advisory Service: www.lease-advice.org/

Also, generally: https://england.shelter.org.uk/legal/housing_conditions/noise

I feel for you - I have had a lot of problems with one set of neighbours over the last few years.

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