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Townley Road traffic enforcement camera

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Hi, today we?ve just received another PCN from the Southwark Council, alleging a driving contravention on Townley road. The PCN had a picture of our vehicle committing the alleged offence. On the day in question we did not use our car. We can only surmise that Southwark?s automated computer system has used a different ?picture? from the previous contravention (a traffic enforcement camera ?picture? is actually a video still). We strongly suggest anyone who has recently received a PCN, for any alleged driving contraventions involving any of the new cameras installed in East Dulwich in the last six Months, and if you have already paid a fine, then to complain, and to challenge the Council. You may have been fined more than once for the same alleged driving contravention.
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Fines from cameras in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) run by Southwark Council in London have generated ?2.5 million in revenue just three months after the scheme?s launch, data from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveals.

A large amount of fixed penalty charges have been issued to road users by three?LTN cameras installed in Dulwich and one in Walworth.

In Dulwich Village, drivers have received?22,424 fines?between January 11 and February 28 2021

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Although this will not change anything about penalties already issued you can register for the consultation on the review until 10 May 2021 and you will be advised when the consultation is issued. Register at


You will still be able to respond to the consultation if you don?t register but this will make sure you are aware its been issued.

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Would you happen to know which one on Walworth is it?

I got a PCN on an outrageous LTN scheme camera on Manor Place Road - road with one lane blocked (ironically) by Southwark Council's houseing scheme work (blocked for at least 4 years and a massive hazard) and the one lane that's open has 4 traffic signs.

It's as if someone was seeking a way to make money.

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Such fines should only be usable to reduce the council tax of residents. Then we would see what is actually needed....

The problem is the legislation, which allows usage only to use the fines for the transport part of council budget. Of course, without the fines, that money would have to come from council tax...

Total stupidity... The roads are public property yet councils are allowed to ransom us for driving on them. Go figure.

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