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What time do you normally get up?

Bob Buzzard

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I?m trying to live in symmetry with my local community so would like to get up at the same time that typically most other people in ED get up. If you reply with the time you normally get up I will add it to my new spreadsheet: What time should Bob get up.xml and then when I?ve had enough replies I can work out the average time people in ED get up, and start getting up everyday at that time. Thank you.
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BrandNewGuy Wrote:


> Bob, and what about you? As I understand it, Mrs

> Buzzard's up by 6:00 and sneaks out for some

> bracing 'exercise' with her personal trainer on

> Peckham Rye before returning home by 7:00 to wake

> you with your tea.


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I wake up when my neighbour starts his motorbike. I lay there thinking when I tell him that modern vehicles no longer need warming up as they did 30 years ago, ie start your bike and go rather than leave it idling for two or three minutes. Currently 06.15, far too early. The builders then start at about 8, waking me up for a second time. The builders before that would arrive at 7, then talk for an hour, until 8.

Maybe time for ear plugs.

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Once I read an article about how we always save time that we can spend on ourselves. I've always loved getting up early, but after that I moved my alarm to 4am. This is my time to be alone with myself, take care of my face, view my chats on the site think about what plan for the day I have today. My kids wake up at 6.30 and we spend half an hour chatting and fooling around. I want to keep up with everything, so I give myself and my family maximum attention in the morning.
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