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Wooden Noah?s Ark and animals

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    • The tree felling in Brockwell park has been investigated by one of the local councillors.There are over 1,600 trees in Brockwell park and every year, after assessment ( i.e. danger, disease, age etc.) a number are felled, this is accompanied by a tree planting programme to replace all felled trees. It is a rolling programme and not done because of festivals.   https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2024/05/campaigners-question-lambeth-councils-plans-to-immediately-remove-44-trees-in-brockwell-park/  
    • Welcome to SE London, subsidence very common in Edwardian and older properties, due to the reasons you have said, coupled with some streets that were bombed in WW2. I expect with Climate change, it will worsen.  Structural engineer as suggested and perhaps calculate how much it could cost if worst comes to the worst.  And how easy to insure.  All pre war houses are likely to be a bit wonky, that's normal.
    • Many houses have the same problem but removal of that central wall that’s a major concern but it wouldn’t totally put me off if I could get the insurance. Contact the sellers insurance company and see if they would carry it over. Also the house should be priced maybe 10 to 15 % less than other similar.
    • https://www.structuralengineersouthlondon.com/   Howard Ruse is your man.
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