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Can you drive through Dulwich Village and Gallery Road out of restructed hours

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Could some kind person confirm whether this is allowed or not please? Trying to take an elderly person to Dulwich Picture Gallery but sadly doesn't have blue badge.

Can I approach from South Circular? And go out same way?Poss parking on road where Belair Park is located.

Many thanks

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Yes you can drive down Court Lane from LL at all times, similarly you can come from EDG into Townley and then Calton. However there are timed restrictions on Townley going in the Calton - Townley- EDG direction.

And the ULEZ applies from today don?t, forget if you have a pre 2015ish or older petrol car. There is an item on Sky News this morning indicating that only 43% of motorists in and around the newly expanded ULEZ are aware it comes into force today - expect there will be loads of fines.

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