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Physio+Restore course - Starts Thursday 18th November 2021

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Having a baby is no walk in the park! You may be feeling quite battered and bruised and unsure of the recovery process. Is my pelvic floor ok? Are my abdominals ?split?? It feels tight around my c-section scar, is this normal? These are just some of the concerns that you may have. When starting exercise it can be daunting trying to know what you should or shouldn?t do and which type of exercise is right for you.

Physio + Restore is a course that begins with a one-to-one full post-natal assessment with a Women?s Health Physiotherapist. By doing this first, we can then prescribe the right exercise for you to ensure that we address your physical needs from the get go, creating a good foundation to build on.

How does it work?

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We will then put you in touch with Emily Nellist, an expert pelvic health physiotherapist, to make your 1 hour appointment for your post-natal assessment. During the assessment you will be asked questions about your pregnancy, birth and past medical history. Followed by a thorough physical examination of your posture, pelvis and back. There will be an in-depth check of your tummy to assess for rectus diastasis as well as a vaginal examination to assess for prolapse and how your pelvic floor muscles are functioning.

The findings from your assessment will be discussed with you and a bespoke post-natal physio programme consisting of specific advice and exercises will be designed for you to reconnect you with your pelvic floor and core muscles.

Your results from your assessment will also be shared with your Jelly Belly instructor. This collaboration of women?s health specialists enables the creation of a safe post-natal exercise programme to restore your core and pelvic function enhancing your post-natal recovery to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Attend 5 weekly classes where there will be a maximum of 6 people, giving you more individual attention throughout the session and allowing you to progress at your own pace. The exercises will be functional using a mixture of standing and mat work following the treatment plan set out by your physio and instructor.


A nanny in the room to help with the babies


PLUS you will receive 2 x customised home workout videos just for you to do at home

The cost is ?95 for the 5 week course. The MOT with Emily is an additional ?140 so the total cost is ?235.

Start Date: Thursday 18th November 2021

Time: 11.30am to 12.30pm

Location: Push Studio, 17-19 Blackwater Court Blackwater Street East Dulwich SE22 8SD

Duration: 5 Weeks

Course cost: ?95.00

Physio cost: ?140.00

BOOK NOW:[jellybellypt.com]

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