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Blue pop up Playpen- ?20 and Baby Einstein Activity Saucer - ?10


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This blue popup playpen was used twice, but it didn't really suit our living room and my kids were a bit too young for it, so it's been in the box since. It's this model but blue: http://www.mcc-direct.co.uk/webshop-search/orange-pop-up-playpen-portable-baby-play-yard/?Page_ID=3610&refpid=4&id=730568

RRP is ?40, I'm looking for ?20.

This activity saucer is great when babies are learning to sit up and stand, and it keeps them occupied for some time. It's at a low price since some of the stickers on the buttons are a bit faded, but otherwise it's in really good shape.

I don't have pictures of it assembled, but its very easy to put together. Here is a listing for it https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rhythm-Reef-Activity-Saucer-Months/dp/B00NZVLRQW

More photos can be sent if you send me your number.

RRP is ?70+, I'm looking for ?10.

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