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Actions to be aware of if you have a lost pet

Maria Mac

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Having been the subject of a scam call yesterday after a dog I was walking ran off can I make you aware of the process scammers take. My info was posted on DOGSLOST and within 4o mins of the posting I got a call from a private id. He said 'I have your dog' but wouldn't give any address info then proceeded to seem concerned that he was taking to the dog owner so could I identify the dog... my suspicions were raised and he then said do you want the dog? I want ?500 or will kill the dog. THIS IS VERY DISTRESSING but I would say don't give them details they may not have and leave some vital info out of the description you may post so you can ask them to identify the dog. I did this and was then sure this was a hoax call.

NOTE the man has a heavy SCOUSE accent and very threatening.

Below is the info from Dogslost which may be helpful to read through:

Please can I make you aware of scammers targeting owners of lost and stolen dogs for money, stating that they have your missing dog/s - most likely will be a MALE, SCOUSE ACCENT, NO CALLER ID

They 90% do not have your dog - you can ask for a photo to be send of your dog there and then (they most likely will refuse) or ask a question only you know the answer to (e.g - distinctive mark / colour or pattern on collar) be aware they can read DogLost registrations, and know some of these answers if you?ve included it on registration.

They can scam you in different forms, being by phone call / or a text message / WhatsApp etc.

Report to action fraud - https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime - if the scammer passes over bank details.

E-mail in to [email protected] so that we can log details and then get details straight over to investigating officer

They can state they have your dog (may say found it straying) or it was involved in a accident (e.g - RTA) and want money to pay for bill etc ASAP, they can say they?ve bought your dog off someone and want to keep it and want to pay you, they can make up a story to try and trick you - DO NOT SEND ANY BANK DETAILS.

Theses can be horrid so please be prepared.

Please send any information, if you get a call / text to your local Police and report; get an incident/CRN if you believe your dog has been stolen and send into the DogLost admin.


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