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When I came to London I used to go to radio and occasional TV shows - I was introduced to comedians such as Jo Brand and Mark Thomas. Saw the 'Not the Mary Whitehouse Experience' which spawned other careers - Punt and Dennis, and David Baddiel. (Honorable mention to Rob Newman too). Skint Video. Big World Cafe at the Brixton Academy including Papa Wemba. Jonathan Ross show at Ronny Scotts, including Cap't Bob (Robert Maxwell).

Fast forward to the digital age and I never got to go to see Nicholas Parsons in Just a Minute (I thought I started a thread about disappointment despite numerous applications). Shortly before Lockdown - Pointless and the Last Leg. Since lockdown being in the virtual audience for the new version of Just a Minute, Mock the Week and HIGNFY. I'm at Riverside to be in the audience next month for the latter.

Generally a good night out. The News Quiz went on for too long, and this was taken a step further on Mock the week tonight, self indulgent and tedious. I gave up after two hours. It makes a great 30 minute programme - I had the luxury of a sleep and then baling out doing it on line (this may be the first week of a studio audience - the on line one were pretty superfluous).

Pointless and the Now Show are incredibly sharp, running over by a few minutes for a small number of retakes (Armstrong and Osman are so sharp that most of the retakes are done almost in the same sentence - much of the banter seemed ad lib too). HIGNFY runs over too, but more engaging than Mock the Week, and gives them material for their longer version.

Anyway I've gone on too long and been rather self indulgent. Good to hear others experiences.

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