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Another post to recommend Rob Mills at All Aspects Plumbing (mobile 07952584171).

We needed a tricky installation of a thermal store in a tight space. Rob turned up absolutely on time on both visits and got it all done in a few hours at reasonable cost.

Standard of workmanship was excellent and friendly service.

Highly recommended.


Good Plumber - Recommendation new

Posted by MaxLndn November 24, 10:04AM

A post to recommend Rob Mills at All Aspects Plumbing (mobile 07952584171). Rob installed our boiler and rads around 6-years ago and the system has been running very well. I?ve got Rob back to service the boiler yearly and provide a safety certificate. Recently he replaced a broken valve on the boiler and gave it a full full clean and general MOT. He?s a hard worker, friendly and just gets on with the job when he arrives. His charges are very reasonable and competitive. What I like is he always checks things over and over before he leaves just to make sure he?s happy with the system and how it is running.

Plumber / Heating Engineer new

Posted by spinesrus October 11, 11:32AM

Thanks for the recommendations for Robert Mills on here. As a result of this, we contacted him. We were without heating or hot water at the clinic and he came out to try to resolve the problem for us really quickly. He was very honest and gave us costings to repair the boiler (it was 18 years old!) which were not economically viable. He recommended that we got someone to fit a new boiler rather than throwing good money after bad. He didn't push for the work himself and left us to decide what we wanted to do. He fitted a new boiler within 2 days and thankfully our patients are no longer shivering in their gowns! We are most grateful and would highly recommend him. His number is 07952 584171

Plumber / Heating Engineer

Posted by Fringe09 July 10, 11:19AM

Another recommendation for Rob. He helped us to sort out a very frustrating tap, going above and beyond to get it working. Highly recommend him - lovely guy and really good at what he does.

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Re: Plumber / Heating Engineer

Posted by Natasha2020 July 31, 10:17PM

Just to add my recommendation Robert!

Couldn?t be happier. Robert came round promptly and did a great job sorting out our radiators and boiler. He worked quickly and efficiently. He was really patient and professional as we worked out measurements and details. We will definitely use Robert again! Robert 07952584171


All Aspects Plumbing


Plumber, best plumber we've ever used.

Robert Mills at All Aspects Plumbing has saved our bacon a number of times. Installed a boiler, fixed our bathroom, reinstalled our loo, fixed a leak from upstairs. Always reliable, always friendly. Lovely bloke. 07952584171

Plumber, best plumber we've ever used.

Posted by Frannycat 09 January, 2017 10:28

I can vouch for this!

We needed some urgent advice and Robert was happy to speak on the phone with me and consult over pictures for free just to be an amazing guy!

We had to get someone in fast on a Saturday so I didn't even end up using him at ours but his advice was brilliant!

He had us avoid a rogue plumber! And bad advice from someone else!!!

Thank you!

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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by hclo123 January 11, 02:11PM

Another recommendation for Robert (07952584171). We needed some urgent advice about a potential gas problem on Sunday. Robert responded really promptly over the phone and was very helpful.

Thank you Robert!

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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by @realDulwichtrumpet January 11, 07:03PM


Rob Mills (07952584171) was quick to respond when my combi boiler went wrong and has been tenacious solving what was a series of problems with a machine that really has seen it's best days.

Rob has been generous with his time, flexible, and friendly to deal with.


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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by ed_pete January 24, 06:32PM

Very happy to recommend Rob. Arranged for him to fix a small leak on the mains feed to our boiler. Completed quickly with no fuss. Would definitely use again.

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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by Sparrow2019 February 15, 01:44PM

On Saturday I woke up to find my boiler on the blink, and no heating or hot water on a very cold day. I got in touch with Rob - thanks to the recommendations on this forum - and within seconds he had asked me a few questions, diagnosed a frozen pipe, and then talked me through step-by-step how to fix it myself...and it worked! Even though it meant I didn't need to hire him, he prioritized getting my boiler working again, at no cost. What a kind soul, as well as being very knowledgeable and patient explaining it all - definitely my new go-to for future jobs!

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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by Hengist March 25, 09:26PM

Another thumbs up for Rob. He sorted out my problem today and the final cost was half the estimate!

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messageRe: Plumber and Heating Engineer

Posted by Hils August 13, 12:07PM

Hi - Very happy to recommend Rob Mills, 07952 584171. Rob was recommended to me via a friend, and he has been really helpful on several occasions. Fixed boiler recently, fixed my broken shower/ bath taps unit, and sorted pipes under bath which was not emptying. I like that he explains what he is going to do, and why. I think he is a "problem solver", and thinks things through well, offering solutions (for example when the part I needed for shower unit proved unavailable, so he got an alternative part and adapted the unit, rather than me waiting for, what could have been weeks with no hot water).

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