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Spanish after school classes for primary kids?

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Does anyone know of Spanish classes in Dulwich area, which are held after school and not on Saturday as we are already busy on Saturday. Also if they are affordable that would be great. Cannot really afford private tuition. Or maybe a Spanish speaker who feels confident to teach would like to do a class for once a week to two children for a reasonable price to last 30-45 minutes?
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My wife teaches Spanish (including to kids) in ED. If you want to PM me to say what is reasonable for you I will ask her. Let me know their ages too please and what level they are at? On the other hand my son is fluent in Spanish though not a teacher.I know from how my wife prepares classes that more time is spent doing that than the actual class time itself (at least initially). It's important to keep the kids interested, and they are all different.

It really depends on what you want and if the language is new to the kids. Though my son was born here his exposure to the language from when he was a baby meant it was easy for him. He wouldn't be able to commit to anything though for more than a few months as he is going abroad. I'm only guessing he would be interested but he has motivation as he needs to earn some cash before leaving.

So if any of the above is of interest let me know.

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