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Kids DVDs For Sale

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Tinga Tinga - Why Elephant has a trunk and 5 other tales ?3

Tinga Tinga - Why Lions Roar and 5 other tales ?3

High School Musical Encore Edition includes original sing a long version ?2

Danger Mouse Saves the world again - 1.5 hours of adventure!! ?2

Rainbow Songs, Rhymes, Stories & Tales ?1 (I think it sticks in 1 place, you just have to skip to the next scene, but it may just have been our DVD player) - 4 episodes in total and only a tiny bit of 1 that you miss.

Santa Claus the Movie and Santa Claus the Movie 2 - Box Set ?4

The Velveteen Rabbit ?2

Bedtime Stories (Walt Disney Film) ?2

Mickey Mouse Twice Upon a Christmas ?2

Dora the Explorer & the Mermaids ?2

Barbie Learn to Sing DVD ?1

Barney Read with me, Dance with me ?1

Barney Songs from the park ?1

Aesops Animated Fables ?1

Sesame Street Old School Volume 1 (1969 to 1974) ?4

Sesame Street Old School Volume 2 (1974 to 1979) ?4

Winnie the Pooh Movie Collection (WTP plus Tigger Movie plus Heffalump Movie) ?2

Charlie & Lola Box Set - the complete series One - ?5

Fast & Furryness DVD Box Set - Top Cat Vol 1, Bugs Bunny Cupids Capers, Wacky Races Vol 1 ?4

Full Length Animated Aladdin ?1

Thumbelina ?1

Box Set Dr Seuss Animated Classic 2 DVDs - The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs & Ham and other favourites ?5

Herbie Box Set of 4 films - Herbie Goes Bananas, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, The Love Bug and Herbie Rides Again ?5

Give me a shout if you'd like to purchase. Mobile is 07997 130318

Pick up over the weekend from Nunhead would be ideal.


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