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Child's pram with soft toy inside outside Celestial


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Sorry I meant to post this yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday 30 May) there was a small child's pram (ie presumably owned by a child) with what looked like a toy lamb inside left between Celestial and the DIY shop in Lordship Lane, which was still there every time we passed.

The people in Celestial said it had been there for some time.

I do hope somebody remembered and came back to get it before it got drenched with rain :(

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Hi there - thanks so much for posting this. Said pram (and lamb) were much loved toys of a now very sad 6 year old. If anyone can shed any light on current location of said lamb and pram we'd be super grateful! The search and rescue mission we launched on Saturday evening was unsuccessful, so any clues gratefully received! Steve
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Have you asked in Celestial, Steve?

I'm so sorry now that I didn't take it home with me, but unfortunately I thought it would be better if I left it where it was in case its owner came back to find it.

But it's possible that the Celestial staff may have taken it into the shop if it was still there when they closed. The reason I went in there in the first place was because they had a notice in their shop window saying they had found some keys. And they wouldn't have been open on Saturday evening when you went to look for it.

Fingers crossed ......

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