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Seeking Advice on bunk beds

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We are moving house to a rented place where both kids need to be in the same room in a bunk bed which they are very excited about (7 and 4). Any tips? Hopefully we will buy something in a year or so one bed of a bunk can be used by a younger one (so can get something decent) and we already have a nice single bed for an older one once they'll get their own rooms again.

The one I like has 75 cm between the bottom and the top beds minus matress, is this enough? Going for the wooden one. Anything else to be aware of?

Would be great for any advice. Also mattress suggestions. Thanks!

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Personally I would not spend much on the bed itelf, and just get half decent mattresses. We bought a very cheap bunk bed (with a third pull out bed) from argos. It was a bit of a pain to assemble but has been great. Save money now and buy them decent single (or maybe even double) beds when they are a bit older.
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