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LEATHER SOFA in Brown from Furniture Village - ?50!


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Preference is to buyers who can commit to collect sooner.

Please see the attached photo, there is quite a bit of general wear and a couple of very small tears and the left arm rest has started to collapse in a bit. But it is still a very comfortable, quality build, lovely old slightly knackered sofa that is made with quality thick soft leather. The photo flash actually highlights the marks more than in the reality of a room, honest! Most of the marks could be wiped off ? sorry but just not had the time.

Originally a very expensive purchase from Furniture Village.

We also have a matching large sofa like big square bucket chair that is part of the sofa set but this

is much more worn and has a large tear to the reverse of the back cushion and a large tear to the seating cushion. This has actually been arranged for a council collection as bulky waste but you are more than welcome to this too, it is still in use in our house and is still very comfortable.

The chair can be offered for free along with the purchase of the sofa or for anyone else who requests it and can collect before Friday, same for the sofa ? collection is to be before Friday.

I will not be unable to offer any help with carriage or loading for either item so you will need a van and two men. The sofa and chair both have removable wooden feet that I have a key for which I can give to you.

Dimensions are as if the feet have been removed:

SOFA: Length (168cm) Height (69cm) Depth (93cm) Diagonal (181cm)

The chair has similar dimensions just not as long.

Please send me a PM to discuss, make an offer or ask any questions - also if you are just interested at this stage but do not want to commit, drop me a line anyway and if there is no immediate sale then as it comes closer to the weekend the sofa may well be reduced or even offered for free.


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