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Nine West ankle boot size 4

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    • Cyclemonkey - the event is not held in Peckham - it's in East Dulwich. Gala try to assert that their amplified music event in these fields in Peckham Rye Park are part of the Peckham music scene, whereas, in fact, these fields are in a quiet park in East Dulwich bounded by residential streets and much used by these residents for walking, family activities, picnics, ball games, sitting and reading and other non-intrusive leisure activities. Gala have previously held these de-briefing meetings in a venue close to the residents who are affected by the Gala event.  Why can't they hold it in a building in the park rather than trying to push us out of our comfort zone into the Peckham clubbing and entertainment area.  
    • Go to the meeting, state all these things that you are unhappy with, ask them how they will respond and how they will personally engage with you.  Alternatively you can complain on social media 😉
    • Are you new to outsourcing and curious about how a virtual assistant can enhance your business or daily life? To launch my new venture as a freelance virtual assistant, I’m offering a special opportunity:   Get 20 hours of free virtual assistance for one month!   I’m looking for two clients to take advantage of this offer. This is a perfect starting point to experience the benefits of having a dedicated assistant without any cost. What I can help you with:   • Administrative tasks • Email management • Calendar scheduling • Travel arrangements • Client communications • And much more!   If this sounds like something you’re interested in, send me a message. Let’s schedule a call to discuss your needs and how I can support you. Looking forward to helping you streamline your tasks and boost your productivity!
    • Hi  we’re in need of a chainsaw asap as the one we have we can’t get a replacement chain for easily and have a builder  here waiting to use it 😞  does anyone have we can borrow for a few hours please?? thanks in advance 
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