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Desktop Workstation, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse For Sale


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Hi everyone,

I got a couple of things I am selling here. The first three are not yet on ebay, but the fourth already is (see link below)


I got a desktop workstation computer for sale. It's been a back up machine for a while but I have not used it for the last 18 months or so. So, instead of sitting, it better find a loving home.

The machine is a Lenovo Thinkstation, which are the professional workstation series from Lenovo (formerly IBM Thinkstation)

When I bought it, I installed the following extras:

2 extra internal HDDs

8GB of RAM

Quadro FX3700 graphics card.

So the computer comes with the following:

1) 3 500GB HDDs @ 7200rpm (one for Windows, one for storage and one as a back up for that storage. There is no RAID, everything is done manually)

2) Quadro FX3700 (the machine was used for video and photo editing and to have a 10bit color output, you need a graphics card that can do that and Nvidia Quadros are it. With a monitor that supports 10bit color, you will be able to display more than a billion colors instead of the standard 16 or so million - this is important for gradients, such as photographs that show the sky)

3) 8GB RAM (Genuine Lenovo ones, see photo)

4) Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @2.83 quad-core processor.

5) Windows 7 64bit

This is a powerful machine and only selling because it gets no use anymore. I worked on it for about 3 years producing work for agencies, magazines and NGO clients. If anything, you can upgrade the main HDD as an SSD to make boot times faster, or maybe get larger storage HDDs instead of the 500GB current ones.

The two HDDs can work in tandem for video editing, where one is used as the capture drive and the second is used as the scratch/previews drive to make video editing faster.

The current Quadro FX3700 card installed is not as great for video editing because of its age, but it will hold its own depending on what video files you are working with. What this means is that you may need to render videos on, say, Premiere Pro, every time you wish to place an effect to see playback at full resolution and realtime. For photography, though, the card shows you amazing colours provided you have a 10bit monitor like an NEC PA, Eizo CG or some Dell Ultrasharp monitors.

6) DVI dual link cable for 10bit colour signal is included.

7) Power cable

I believe I disposed of the keyboard a long time ago but any keyboard that uses USB connections can be used. Same for the mouse, which I think I lost. When I used this computer I actually used the mouse and keyboard I am also selling here.

Comes with original box packaging.

The Thinkstation goes for ?220


The keyboard is a rare Thinkpad keyboard with both a touch-pad and a track-point (the red dot in the middle) The advantage of this keyboard is that you can save yourself the space that a numeric pad takes along with a mouse pad. So, this keyboard did everything for me. At the moment, only the track-point seems to work on the S10, but I will look for the drivers for the track-pad to work as well (althought I know it works, just that the clean windows 7 install on the machine doesn't recognise it yet)

These keyboards were regarded unique in that they are desktop versions of the legendary Thinkpad laptop keyboards. This keyboard has a faded letter A, fading letter S and a completely faded Ctrl keys. I don't dare to paint or do anything to it because it is a rare item already. Have a look online.

Yours for ?40


The mouse is a Logitech MX Revolution and it comes with the USB receiver and the charger. This is a mouse that is more about gaming (which I used to do a bit of) than about photography because of its fast response times and accurate positioning when placed on the right surface. Yours for ?20


Also for sale is a Samsung T240 monitor. Actually, this monitor is already on ebay here but open to local pick ups/purchase:


All other items are not on ebay yet. I thought I would give them a few days here before posting them on ebay in case anyone local may want to pick them up. I can work out a discount for multiple items bought at once.

I also have more photos if anyone needs them or you're welcome to have a look if you get in touch.

Many thanks,


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The Desktop Workstation and the Samsung Monitor have been sold.

The Thinkpad Keyboard is not for sale anymore. It appears to be that I need to find proper drivers to work with it so I can't sell it to anyone with the expectations of using it fully if they keyboard may not play nice with your computer.

The mouse (MX Revolution) is still for sale.

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